Unison: 1st Installment Edit

"Alone you can do so little, together we can do so much." 
Unison: 1st Installment
Main Information
Creator Kanchuu
Mods reemixx, Black_Rock_Shooter
Date Created April 1st, 2013
Progress Chapter 11-2
Total Chapters 12 Chapters

Story Edit

The story of Unison first starts out following the rough and cold amnesiac, Rex. A young man adventuring the world of Alycien for answers to his unknown past. Upon meeting a small group during an encounter with an enemy monster, the group tries to help Rex not only recover his memories, but also get him to open up; much to his annoyance. Along the way Rex finds himself to be the target of many enemy groups for unknown reasons, leading to deaths, new allies, and comrads leaving all for the sake of uncovering the truth. However, the truth eventually comes to Rex, who now holds the capability of saving the world from disaster, or becoming the disaster that will destroy all.

Main ArcsEdit

  • Initial Journey
  • Gathering
  • The Truth
  • The World Tree

Key CharactersEdit

Player Character
thundernova Rex
thundernova Zero
Kanchuu Cassandra
KingofHeroess Shurabi

Player Character
reemixx Sunny
Kanchuu Azuma