Welcome to the Unison WikiEdit

A wiki dedicated to the Crunchyroll Role-play group, Unison! This joint was made by Crunchyroll user deuxx! However, as it is a wiki, any contribution is welcome! The wiki serves as a (hopefully) helpful site for new people or any of our members. The Tumblr page run by M0D Emi is restricted to only the cool cats, so here's an area open to more. 

What is Unison?Edit

Unison was created April 1, 2013 to support RP groups in Crunchyroll. The group not only serves as a support group, but also bring together those who're still RPing or want RP to survive dying... like what happened to most RP groups. We may not be the most fanciest group in CR, but the lot that are active and supportive is what keeps us alive till this day. 

Latest activityEdit

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